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We have met our wedding photographer in advance in order to discuss the concept and the idea. We were impressed by the variety of suggestions and ideas she had! We have chosen the craziest one. And we felt like on the top of the world! And what is important — it was reasonable! That was a very reasonable solution!

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Share this article Share The photographer also reveals the best colour to wear and how you can take advantage of it. From dark and dingy selfies with dirty laundry to a wedding photo with the bride cut out. The first step is often getting that picture stands out from the crowd. Take care of yourself Before you attempt to look good in front of the camera, you have to believe you look good.

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How much does it cost to retain both of your services? Please see the investment page or contact us at for further details. Can I book one of you separately? What is your style of photography? At your wedding, he documents the prep, ceremony, and reception, to tell the authentic story of your day. Do we need an album? It is the only thing from your wedding that will last forever.

Your dress, cake, or shoes will not last forever. Nor will digital files last, computer systems are always being updated, the floppy disc, as well as the zip disk, is no more and the CD will shortly be on its way out.

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Then look no further! Our approach is for candid, artistic and photojournalism style photography. Since our proximity to Boston MA, we are frequently hired as Boston wedding photographers. With over 15 years of experience and a Art degree, Alice Pepplow became very experienced photographing weddings in all types of scenarios and locations.

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Your wedding should be a time when you create some memories that last for the rest of your life. If you can manage to find one really funny, crazy, or weird story to share with your friends and family members for years to come — your night was a success. These 20 wedding photos probably were not what the wedding photographer was expecting to take, but they turned out with hilarious results. What is most impressive though is that the newly wed couple are so in love that they never take their eyes off of each other.

This is just one of the many dangers that are associated with having your wedding on a public beach. Their connection is just way too close for a general friendship. Your wedding should be a time to celebrate your life and the fun you want to have moving forward. I feel like the bride is attempting to flee this awkward scene.

At least her loving groom has grabbed the back of her wedding train to keep it from staining on the grass. They are just trying to be goofy and figure out why mom and dad put them in a suit or bulky dress and then made them sit around for a while before watching two people kiss and walk down an aisle. Get a Room People.

Advertisement I think someone forgot to tell this guy that you remove that during the reception. This couple might not even make it to their own party.

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Hillary is the younger sister of one of my best friends from high school. So since high school, she has felt like a littler sister to me! And her family always treated me like one of their own! So when she and Chris started dating and I saw how happy they were, I knew it was just a matter of time before I got that fateful message from her!

Welcome, For the last decade Jonas has been on the forefront of what wedding photography is today. He has been named one of the top photographers in the world many times over and spends his time shooting weddings worldwide and teaching other photographers his style of storytelling.

The kind of images that instantly grab your heart, take you back to a moment in time and force you to fall in love with them every time you see them! That, is professional photography. Someone who listens to my wishes, guides me with wise advice and is dedicated to my happiness during our time together. That, is a professional photographer. And that is why, it matters who you choose!

I promise we will do all we can to make this a long term relationship you will cherish and love so much that you will gladly recommend us every chance you get. Clients Say… Tracy, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your work over the past few months. You are one very talented person. Thanks so much for capturing all the happiness and love.

I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful pictures of my new baby and family! Thank you so much again! You really know how to capture the color and the facial expressions. Patricia Vogel Koch Tracy Thank you so much for helping us have some of the greatest pictures of our little family!!!

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From a couple’s first kiss as newlyweds to their celebratory first dance, professional photographers simply have a way of harnessing a multitude of emotions on film. And as much as we love to scroll through wedding albums, it’s the stories behind these pictures that can truly transform a pretty photo into something astoundingly beautiful. To celebrate this beauty , WomansDay. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1 “The father says goodbye to his little girl.

One never knows when that special moment and connection will occur. Caroline was reading a letter written by her dad , while both were being driven to the ceremony.

Todd Laffler is a phenomenally passionate wedding photographer with a BFA in photography from Maryland Institute College of Art — a top-ranked art school in the U.S. Laffler focuses his talent and his lens on the fluctuating emotions and energies of a couple’s big day.

Want a wedding party your guests will remember forever? We got what you need… What is the Wedding Shoe Game? How to Play it… The game is usually introduced by the DJ, either straight after dinner, or during the party time. The shoe game is a fun wedding reception party game for the bride and groom , which tests how much they know each other — in a fun and hilarious way. The game is played by putting two chairs back to back in the center of the party room or dance-floor — where the guests can see them.

The bride and the groom then sit on the chairs back to back, so they are facing away from each other.

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Kitty Chan, a wedding planner, met her future husband in Her husband Kevin Leung was a professional photographer. The two initially began to work together, later married, and Kevin taught Kitty photography. Soon, the couple incorporated into a business, providing wedding photography services catered specifically to Chinese clients. Flowers, decor, hair and make-up, you name it.

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We are both artists and entrepreneurs — or at least we try to be. We love our cameras and we sure love playing with them – sometimes too much. Before we get started, I just want to point out that although you may actually relate to some of the items on this list, everything below is intended to make you laugh or at least bring a knowing smile to your face. At the end of the day, everybody loves photographers, otherwise why would everyone be so intent on being one?.

Without further ado, here are 41 things you should consider before agreeing to a date with a photography addict. That should be self-explanatory. When you find yourself sitting across the restaurant table from someone looking deep into your eyes, don’t be fooled — your date is only considering the most favorable angle for this shot. The birthday presents will surprise you. Download this cheat sheet: So you don’t screw up your lenses. Their favorite days are not yours.

Most people revel in a bright, sunny day. Photographers enjoy foggy, gloomy mornings that would make most people sad. They also like rain, snow and especially lightning.