Browning Citori Problems

Hey all, I recently had to replace my ancient Browning Citori Type I from the ’70s as the stock had two cracks forming and I couldn’t get a replacement part for it. I went to a couple of chain stores with it and none would buy it as they couldn’t buy a gun with a cracked stock. I then went to one of my favorite shops to see what they could do and they said they’d work with me. I was able to trade it not for much but got a few free goodies included with the purchase. I was ready to buy another Citori Lightning without even thinking about it. I was between the Citori Satin Hunter and the Lightning and the owner of the shop brought out a gun with a very glossy, dark wood finish and it turned out to be a Winchester My only Winchester is a model 12 that was handed down over time and I knew Winchester was pretty much a dead name, but they said Browning has taken it over. The gun has “Made in Belgium by FN” engraved on it. I’ve owned a couple of FN guns over the years both Hi Powers and they make some good stuff. I shot three rounds of trap with it and did very well.

Browning Citori O/U Model , Grade 1 20G value

And there are other times when lugging around a gun that weighs the same as a gallon of house paint really, really hurts. The primary design idea behind the Browning Citori Feather is, you guessed it, light weight. My evaluation sample was a gauge Feather model with inch barrels. It weighs in at 6 pounds, 9 ounces.

I have checked with several sites and none seem to show Brownings designation for my Citori serial no. *****PNN It is stocked with a straight stock /16″ at both comb and heel (long tang)and full bevertail forearm (3 screw).

I was trying to see his ads from the main screen and gave him a rating by accident. I have not dealt with him so ignore mine. I can’t say if he’s good or bad. FridgeSeptember 8, 6: Those were very nice remarks about Alex. But it is very important if you are buying a gun long distance to know that your PAL and method of payment is secure. Some people do not have the luxury of doing a face to face but must trust the seller with this extremely sensitive information.

12 Gauges: Browning Citori Crossover v. Franchi Instinct SL

Dating browning citori How do the guns work? The hammers are pivoted at the bottom, with sears hanging from the top strap. Some guns are available in 20 bore. Knowledge necessary for ordering parts, wood, and barrels for your browning bt The different models Citori over-under superposed:

chips, owner’s manuals, Browning Citori 20 gauge 3” lightweight $ Rossi lever $, 1 bath, no pets/ smoking, water/ sewer/ garbage paid, $/ month, first last.

Most of the guns I hunt with are rattle guns auto loaders or pumps. I hate lookin around after I shoot for the empties. I also have a couple of double guns. One, is a collectable sxs, it has ejectors. IT throws fired hulls out of the gun also. Same proble, but easier to find hulls. Its a very expensive and Gunsmith required modification to convert that gun. I wouldnt do it anyway cause of its collectability. I purchased a Browning Citori a while ago. I have always shot them well.

Hummer dealership gives away Browning Citori shotguns

It was and is a revolutionary design, a design that provides the lowest-profile stackbarrel action ever offered. Times have changed, of course. In , Browning celebrated the one millionth Citori to be built. It has been the most popular vertical double on the market offered in a dizzying array of stock, finish, and gauge configurations. Rizzini’s once sold as Veronas are no more, the Savage Milano F. I has recently gone out of business.

Exceptionally elegant Browning Citori four barrel Grade VII over / under sporting clay set. Grade VII select walnut stock and fore arm in high polish gloss finish. Four sets of 28 inch ported vent rib barrels in 12, 20, 28 gauge and bore.

Spring John Browning begins work on his first single shot rifle. May 12, The application for patent on the single shot rifle was filed. October 7, U. March 20, Patent application was filed on a bolt-action repeating rifle with a tubular magazine. July 25, U. September 13, Patent file on lever action, exposed hammer, tubular magazine rifle. Bennett, Vice President and General Manager of Winchester Repeating Arms Company, comes to Ogden, Utah Territory and forms an alliance that is to last nineteen years and is to change the course of firearms development.

As part of the transaction, the Single Shot is sold to Winchester and Mr. Bennet is assured of first rights on a new repeater. The Single Shot becomes the Winchester Model May 26, Patent filed on lever action repeating rifle that employed sliding vertical locks.

Belgian Browning Identification

This thing should have never left the factory. They have no final QC dept. First and last Browning for me.

Nov 23,  · If you mean a Browning Citori XT Trap, then I have one. I started shooting trap with a Citori Sporting, but I wanted a heavier gun with a slower swing to it. The Citori .

This product is featured in: Three popular game guns to buy second-hand , Wanted — a bargain claybuster to replace old Browning B , and Browning B Light Classic shotgun review. The gun had some subtle yet key refinements which improved it and set it apart from what had come before. Available in huge range of styles and grades However, Browning stressed that the B was not a replacement for the popular B The B model still offers successful gameshooting and wildfowling versions.

The B was initially introduced in game versions — or hunting as Browning would call it. There are fixed and multichoke versions of all models, and some bore versions. Made by Miroku The Browning B is built by Miroku who began building sporting arms in and in they began their long relationship with Browning. As well as making guns under the Miroku name, they have built all of the more affordable Browning over-unders.

How adaptable is it? The relatively light weight of the game version might make it a bit tiring in terms of recoil to shoot all day on the clay ground. How does it work? Like all break-action Brownings except the new Cynergy , this gun has a relatively deep action body, and employs a full-width cross pin for jointing.

Browning Reels, Who Makes Them

See Payment Details Wire Transfer 1. All bidders who participate by bidding in this auction agree to the terms and condition of sale and agree to be bound by same. Any notices, posted or oral during the sale, are also part of our condition of sale agreement.

Apr 05,  · Browning Citori-2 Barrel Set I have a beautiful 12 Ga. Browning Citori cased set for sale or trade. It includes case, manual, cleaning cloth, receiver, and both barrels [ 34" Single ‘high rib’ Trap with recoil buffer, and 32" Over/Under].

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Jun 13,  · Using previous topics in the ‘Guns and Equipment’ section of PW and the link to Browning’s ‘date your firearm’ website I think I’ve managed to understand that the serial number L13PR***** on my gun indicates it’s a Citori ES made in

The auctioneer has sole discretion in the case of a dispute among bidders. Although we believe everything in the descriptions to be true, we do not guarantee any part of any description. We recommend that the bidders view the items in person and form their own opinions as to condition, originality, origin, etc. Amoskeag Auction Company, Inc. If a customer is unhappy with a purchase we will be happy to discuss a remedy with them. Therefore, it is important that absentee bidders pay for their items in a timely fashion.

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