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Comedian Brian Regan: ‘Philadelphia has a shorter fuse’

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A porn outsider looking in wondering what the fuck is going on! Now you would think Karen and John Stagliano would have revealed to the industry that someone faked his tests considering they are both HIV positive. Mike asked Karen about this on on AdultDVDTalk and she replied two days later by saying Evil Angel releases their news through press releases, not through B-list gossip columnists.

If we waited for the scripted press releases that are first viewed by lawyers and company heads, the truth would never be told about anything in this industry. Karen officially releases the statement that Brian was let go due to creative differences and Evil Angel wished him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. After the most recent HIV scare, Karen was doing television interviews and one of them I saw where she talked about her own personal situation.

Throughout the entire interview, Karen had on her fake smile talking about how great the industry is filled with unicorns, rainbows, butterflies, and rainbows. The reporter asked Karen about how she contracted HIV.

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Comedian Brian Regan shares a story about a massage gone wrong and reveals how Jerry Seinfeld helped realize his Netflix sketch show, Stand Up and Away.

This case of sweeping the baby rapers under the Washington DC rug is not the first. Hillary squashed the investigation. The Regan scandal was not hidden, but it was also not directly tied to the president himself, nor did the president order the investigation to be stopped. John C Carleton Reagan was a B Grade actor, who got shot when he started believing he was actually running things.

Both sides of the isles. The beast keep sweeping it under the rug, every time, and lying about it every time. MSM is silent about that, of course. They keep slinging BS like Russia out there to detract from it. SamWayneSmith I see a Trump staffer was recently caught with a teen. SamWayneSmith Wow, you have some serious mental problems. All of your comments are quite deranged.

Brian Regan

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Who are the 7 best clean stand up comedians? August 29, by Tim Grable Last updated on November 23rd, at Regardless of the traits, we were born with or the manner in which we choose to live our lives, we will always share one thing: While humor can be expressed in multiple forms, the art of stand-up comedy has had a dramatic increase in popularity in more recent years. These comedians often shed light on controversial or day to day issues with their personality or flair. However, more often than not, standup comedians use vulgar language or explore very mature themes.

To give some context, imagine two parents wanting to watch a comedy special with their young children. Instead, they might want a clean comedian who can evoke hearty laughter without being inappropriate. If YOU are looking for the best clean stand up comedians, then look no further! A critic has claimed that Jeff Allen is one of the funniest, most inspirational, corporate comedians working today!

If you are not convinced that he is the comedian for you, check out his side-splitting bit about exercise and marriage. Gaffigan loves to poke fun at laziness, eating, and the love-hate aspects that go along with being married and raising children. Jim Gaffigan was hysterical without being crass and without watering down his humor.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption Regan played Terry Sullivan in the Liverpool soap Brian Regan found fame playing loveable rogue Terry Sullivan in the Liverpool soap opera Brookside. In the show’s s heyday, his character’s antics were regularly watched by up to seven million viewers a week.

But when Regan left the soap in , his acting career petered out and he plunged into a life of drug dealing and addiction. Now he is behind bars, serving a five-year jail sentence for lying to police over his role in the murder of Iranian doorman Bahman Faraji and selling drugs. Regan’s jail sentence can now be reported following the conviction of Jason Gabbana, 29, for ordering Faraji’s murder. Details emerged in court of the actor’s descent into drugs and supplying members of Liverpool’s criminal underworld.

During the trial, Regan told Liverpool Crown Court how he started taking cocaine at weekends at the end of his Brookside career.

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