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For full Swimming World coverage, check out our event coverage page. There was a time when Ryan Lochte was the undisputed No. One year later, he stormed to Olympic gold in the IM in London, arguably the signature race of his career. Never before had Lochte failed to win an individual medal at an international meet, but there had been a pattern of slippage in his swimming dating back to well before One year earlier, at the World Championships in Kazan, Lochte won just a single individual medal. It was gold in the IM, his record-tying fourth straight in the event, but it came with an asterisk—his two biggest competitors, Kosuke Hagino and Michael Phelps, were absent. Lochte spent six years chasing Phelps before he finally began scoring victories over the greatest-of-all-time in , turning their previously one-sided competition into something of a rivalry. But only one of those two—Phelps, not Lochte—consistently put up his best swims when it counted most at the Olympics. Lochte and Phelps — Photo Courtesy:

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He has a clutch of Olympic gold medals and is swimming’s new sensation – while she works in the rather unglamorous surroundings of Milton Keynes in the UK. However, Ryan Lochte and his British girlfriend Jaimee Hollier have managed to keep a four-year romance under wraps – and away from his fans, MailOnline can reveal. Pretty brunette Jaimee, 23, is believed to have met Ryan, 28, while on holiday in Las Vegas and since then the couple have frequently met up, with Jaimee supporting Ryan at the London Olympics as well as at the World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ryan and Jamiee embrace, clearly having missed each other due to their far away homes Fun in the sun: Jaimee has even gone so far as to share a holiday photo of the couple together swimming with the dolphins at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida, in February, tweeting: She is also close friends with Ryan’s older sister Kristin Lochte as well as his younger brother Devon.

Jun 29,  · The Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte declared updated net worth is of $3 million. Being a successful simmer, Ryan Lochte won 5 times gold medal. He was born in .

Email Twelve-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte has had a year full of ups and downs. Sure, he won gold. But a false robbery scandal that made international headlines forced Lochte to leave the Rio Olypmics in disgrace. Then, he lost millions of dollars in sponsorship deals. And earlier this month, he got engaged to his girlfriend , former Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid. He has another bright spot in his life: But a post over the weekend caught the eye of one Twitter user and may represent a slight snag in his recent upward momentum.

On the surface, it looked like a perfectly sweet post — Lochte wishing his beloved Doberman, Carter, a happy 8th birthday. Lochte has done that exact same thing on October 23rd every year since I love you lil buddy. Happy birthday buddy, we got another 8!

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Ryan Lochte Tells All: Lochte also takes a trip to D. The rest of the season appears to follow suit, as Lochte goes on dates, shows off words from his fictional vocabulary, and goofs around with friends and family. Earlier this month, Lochte spoke to The Daily Beast about his fitness routine, his family, his romantic relationships, and more.

Watch video · The images of Ryan Lochte that have emerged since he became one of America’s premier swimmers in show a happy-go-lucky guy and dedicated athlete not given to .

Share 49 shares She wished Lochte a happy birthday a week ago on Instagram, calling him her ‘favorite person on the planet’ and a ‘silver fox’ after the Olympian dyed his hair silvery-blue. He responded days later by sharing a photo on Snapchat of Reid sitting in his lap while visiting a restaurant in Rio with his parents.

He hasn’t met my family but that might happen, we’ll have to see. He’s a good looking guy and gets a lot of female attention – I mean we’re talking about Ryan Lochte here. He has this mental focus where he can just shut the entire world out and perform even when millions are watching. He is kind, humble and, of course, unbelievably good looking. Ryan Lochte confirmed his romance with Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid back in May, posting this snap to his Instagram of them having dinner with his mom The year-old blonde has also been on Snapchat in recent days to post videos from poolside and around the Olympic Park, screaming ‘Go Ryan’ at the top of her voice in one clip of him swimming.

She has remained largely out of sight because her seat is high up in the Aquatic Stadium unlike the Phelps clan who sit close to the TV cameras in the VIP section. His mom Deborah, Johnson, 31, and the couple’s adorable baby son Boomer, with his adorable Team USA baby holder and noise-reducing headphones, have been grabbing all the coverage so far.

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Jordan Rodgers isn’t the only athlete to find love on reality TV. Fletcher actually had a choice between two athletes, with the second being former competitive swimmer Robby Hayes. Despite the available options, Fletcher opted for the higher cache, even Rodgers isn’t quite an All-Pro. Now that the happy couple are on their way, let’s take a moment to remember some other athletes who found and sometimes lost love in a reality show.

Oct 17,  · Ryan Lochte’s robbery tales weren’t the only lies he concocted in Rio. As the “Dancing with the Stars” contestant revealed to New York magazine, he was contractually obligated to say he.

It really did happen this time! You were just faking? It happens to lots of guys. Usually when the lady is very tired and just wants to left alone so she can sleep, she lies so he will go away. Try staying with the same girl for more than 2 nights, and really see what she likes. Results will be better for both and the lady. Karol He admitted to the world he pees in the pool.

The world watches history made in that pool. He made pee in it. So, you were expecting greatness from this guy? Ex Dear Gurl, You are soooo femenists its not funny. You slam everyone who makes a comment and has become such CRAP. Moms do that… He seems really honest about the way he feels and we are free to interpret it any way we wish. Seems like the most obvious interpretation is that he has some issues with women.

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Ryan also makes out with a dolphin. Jealous and awkward moments follow. Ryan Lochte wonders these same things. And even if he wanted to he can only compete in the Olympics for so long. After that, even the pool will decide to part ways. Jaimee visits so you know what that means:

In January of this year, Lochte’s representative confirmed that Lochte was a member of dating apps, Raya and Bumble, giving us mere mortal ladies a chance at love with Lochte himself.

Oh, and I did note that few people are serious Olympic contenders – or win medals. To be a competitor at that level is itself an accomplishment. The point is that relative to other Olympians and medal winners , he lacks the humility and sportsman-like behavior demonstrated in interviews. Lochte is getting all the media hype because he’s hot and is being built into the All-American marketing machine. Articles which try to paint him into the picture of humility are part of that hype.

The braggadocio demonstrated during interviews and the dismissive attitude toward Phelps I’m not a Phelps fan, but am willing to concede his accomplishments makes him a jackass. Whereas someone like Missy Franklin is actually achieving something beyond the hype. Oh wait, she’s not a hot guy and this is the DL I concur with r4 that Phelps is a douchebag also. But, just because he’s one, doesn’t make Lochte’s comments about him any less douchey.

Phelps is not the dominant force he was in Beijing and appears to know it , so has changed his tune – not because he’s matured though it’s likely a part of it , but because he knows he’s not going to be the big winning star he was last time. To be this driven and successful requires a certain amount of ego. However,they also know that you let your accomplishments speak for themselves.

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Lochte would also have the ability to appeal any decision. There was no damage to the bathroom. I have never even entered the bathroom. It was locked, so we couldn’t go in there at all. The story about me vandalising the bathroom is absurd.

Ryan Lochte brought his playmate good luck charm to the Olympics!Here’s a list of the beautiful women he has dated over the hunky swimmer and who he’s been dating .

I wrote this post 4 years ago when I first discovered the douchiness that is Ryan Lochte and his mom. We’re wrapping up another Olympic season and once again Ryan and his mommy are in the news. Ryan and his bros went out drinking one night in Rio and came back to the village to tell his mommy that they’d been robbed at gunpoint. Mommy told the media and then all hell broke loose. Ryan told this elaborate story about being in cab that was pulled over by Brazilian police officers.

The officers told him to get on the ground and he refused because he had totally done nothing wrong, y’know? These dudes robbed Ryan of everything except his phone.

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